12-Step Workshop

I've partnered with Cedar Fort Academy to create an intensive, interactive and effective 12-week addiction recovery online workshop and recovery community. 

Are you looking to build your recovery foundation on solid ground?

Enroll and get started today!

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  • Build and strengthen a complete and lasting recovery foundation

  • All online so you can do it anywhere, anytime!

  • Develop a rooted understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and build a deeper relationship with the Savior 

  • Create new habits, such as, implementing a personalized daily spiritual routine 

  • Learn and apply effective and practical recovery tools

  • Thoroughly work each of the 12 steps and implement on-going step maintenance 

  • Learn how to access the power needed to sustain abstinence and to make true change

  • Conquer the loneliness and isolation of addiction by becoming part of an online recovery support community

  • Discover a new peace of mind as the hope that comes from exercising faith in Jesus Christ manifests itself in all aspects of your life